PSA, nitrogen generator to maintain the quality of stored fruits

The ABSOGER ‘PSA’ technology nitrogen generator with activated carbon produces a flow of nitrogen which allows you to quickly reduce your chambers to a controlled atmosphere with an oxygen content of 5% to 1% depending on your needs.

During the initial controlled atmosphere set-up and after eventual removals from storage, the power of the Absoger nitrogen generator allows you to treat between 100 and 1200 tonnes of fruit per day.

– Screw compressor
– Integrated high capacity dryer
– Double purity
– Compact and designed on a stand for easy movement with a forklift truck.
– Perfectly mobile and therefore can be used in several chambers and in different plants
– Plug & Play: installation requires only one power supply unit
– The nitrogen generated is free of impurities and especially carbon dioxide. The latter feature makes it a perfect backup in case of failure of a carbon dioxide adsorber.
– Robust and reliable

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