Plant nurseries and new varieties in the spotlight at Macfrut 2023

The Plant Nursery and Varietal Innovation Exhibition will make its debut at Macfrut 2023, the international trade fair for the fresh produce industry to be held at the Rimini Expo Centre from 3 to 5 May 2023

The 40th edition of Macfrut, which will be held in Rimini (Italy) from 3 to 5 May 2023, will feature many innovations. One of these is the Plant Nursery and Varietal Innovation Exhibition, a specialised event and international meeting point for nurserymen, breeders, producers, experts, and researchers in a field that is of strategic importance for the development of specialised modern fruit growing.

Stefano Lugli, the scientific coordinator of this new exhibition, explains: ‘The theme of the Exhibition will revolve around this sector, which is constantly evolving due to improvements in the plant propagation techniques used in plant nurseries, and due to the ongoing transition in qualification and certification processes for propagation materials and production process control systems: all these elements are crucial for ensuring final products of the highest possible quality, which are fully compliant not only genetically but also in terms of health, and fully traceable nursery products. This sector has successfully seized the opportunity to become an integral part – and, in many cases, a major player – of international programmes for varietal innovation and, more generally, for planning fruit supply chains. In this district, know-how is applied to the production process and comprehensive service and consultancy packages are offered to companies so that they can design and manage new fruit plantations in the most efficient way possible and maximise their return on investment. This is exactly why the plant nursery sector deserves a specialised and dedicated international showcase.’

The President of Macfrut, Renzo Piraccini, points out that it is a one-of-a-kind exhibition that brings the industry together: ‘The innovations at the Plant Nursery Exhibition perfectly reflect the specific role that Macfrut plays in the fruit and vegetable sector: vertical topics are covered, with focus sessions coordinated by leading experts in the field ensuring a high level of expertise – as in the Exhibition, the International Berry Days, the Red Planet, and many other events – whereas during other scheduled events – such as the Biosolutions International Event and Acqua Campus – special emphasis is placed on technological and product innovation, especially with regard to environmental protection for a more sustainable agriculture.’

What you will find at the Plant Nursery Exhibition
At Macfrut, in the new exhibition area dedicated to plant nurseries and varietal innovation, visitors will get the chance to find out what has been achieved so far in the sector and to exchange views and forge relationships with those who create and develop innovation in fruit growing.

Conferences, technical seminars and workshops on topical issues for the supply chain will also be organised. The Italian Society for Horticultural Science, which includes working groups on plant nurseries and variety innovations, will be the main sponsor, in collaboration with prominent interprofessional organisations such as CIVI Italia and several international networks active in the field of plant nurseries and varietal innovation, with the participation of major companies in the sector.

Five round table discussions on the international plant nursery business will cover the following topics: nursery product certification and qualification, the forms of protection in place for plant patents and the fight against ‘varietal piracy’, varietal clubs and modern planning techniques in the fruit industry, new breeding technologies used to create innovation, and the research and development of new techniques in the plant nursery sector.

Five refresher workshops on varieties are also scheduled, during which the latest results of genetic improvement in fruit growing worldwide will be presented: this year, the spotlight will be on varietal innovation in actinidia, cherry trees, strawberries, apple trees, and table grapes. Each seminar will be introduced by a world-renowned expert who will give an overview of the state of the art and of future outlooks for the genetic improvement of species. This will be followed by speeches given by those who create and promote new varieties worldwide: breeding companies, publishers, and consortia managing variety innovations.

All companies interested in participating as exhibitors in the International Plant Nursery and Varietal Innovation Exhibition can make arrangements with the Macfrut organisers.

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