Developement of cold plasma generating equipment, a sanitizing option

Sukhvinder Pal (SP) Singh, IHC 2022

Fresh horticultural produce-related foodborne illnesses outbreaks have globally increased in the recent past. Despite the adoption of good on-farm and postharvest practices, microbial contamination can occur in fresh produce.

Supercharged air (cold plasma) has recently emerged as an option for killing/inactivating a broad range of microorganisms such as bacteria, molds, yeasts and viruses.

It can be generated in ambient conditions by applying electrical current to normal air, a specific gas or a mixture of gases. The reactive oxidising species present in the supercharged air can inactivate and/or eliminate microbial pathogens on the produce surfaces leading to improved food safety and postharvest decay control.

Our research studies suggest that this technology has a strong potential to be a rapid, chemical-free, dry, environmentally friendly, and effective antimicrobial solution for food safety and decay control in horticultural products.

Adoption of this technology will minimise food recalls due to microbial contamination, mitigate postharvest losses, and reduce the amount of chemicals and water used in the cleaning process, resulting in improved environmental health and sustainability.

A comprehensive account of the huge potential of the supercharged air technology along with barriers to adoption and commercialisation opportunities will be presented.

The capacity of evaluate the dosis is one of the main goals, as well as the quality of the product.

In a five-year research project, this technology has been developed, scaled-up and is currently in commercialisation phase in Australia.


The 1st. picture is a screenshot of Dr. Sing conference, showing cold plasma effects on citrus blue and green Penicillium; the 2nd picture is an overview of the project


Application of supercharged air (cold plasma) technology to mitigate food safety risks and postharvest losses in fresh fruits
Sukhvinder Pal (SP) Singh
International Horticultural Congress 2022, 14 to 20 August 2022, Angers, https://www.ihc2022.org

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