DeltaTrak partners with Optimiz to streamline the perishable cargo claims process

DELTATRAK, a leading innovator of cold chain and supply chain management solutions, is proud to announce partnership with Optimiz, a London-based technology company. Currently, exporters who utilize DeltaTrak in-transit solutions can see the real-time location and condition of their perishable cargo while in-transit. As a result of the Optimiz partnership, customers who experience cargo damage can immediately begin the insurance claims process. Using Optimiz, a customer is able to issue a letter of protest while the shipment is still on the ocean.

“Time is always of the essence when handling perishables. This partnership with DeltaTrak is certainly a game changer for international traders as they can now commence their claims process by issuing an automated notice of loss even before the vessel arrives at its final destination. This guarantees that the consignee is never out of time, and always in compliance with Article 3, Rule 6 of the Hague/Hague Visby Rules,” Kingsly Kongnyuh Kwalar, CEO of Optimiz.

The new claims function is a value-added feature included with DeltaTrak’s FlashTrak Cloud Services platform. FlashTrak offers a suite of services, enabling customers to view real-time location, temperature, humidity, light exposure, and shock data for domestic and international shipments. FlashTrak Chain of Custody, another service recently launched by DeltaTrak, aggregates data contributed by consortium partners to provide complete supply chain traceability. FlashTrak CoC helps customers respond to expanded Food Safety Modernization Act recordkeeping requirements (FSMA 204).

“As a frontrunner in the industry, DeltaTrak is constantly expanding our products and services to meet customer requirements. Giving exporters the power to manage the insurance claims process while in-transit, is the first of its kind and an example of DeltaTrak’s ability to consistently deliver new use cases to support our customers,” Frederick Wu, President and Founder of DeltaTrak.


About DeltaTrak
DeltaTrak is a leading innovator of cold chain management solutions, including monitoring devices and data analytics for perishables and other high-value commodities. Our real-time, in-transit solutions are used by thousands of clients worldwide to provide visibility of domestic and international shipments. Contact your DeltaTrak account manager or call DeltaTrak Sales at 800-962-6776.

About Optimiz
OPTIMIZ is an end-to-end cargo risk management platform. We enable international traders, insurance companies, freight forwarders and shipping lines to remotely inspect containerized cargo and automate claims processes. OPTIMIZ is registered in London, UK and in Douala, Cameroon. For more information, visit www.optimiz.claims or write to hello@optimiz.claims.

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