Agrosta starts a partnership with Hanna to sell its instruments

acuerdo con Hanna

acuerdo con HannaAgrosta proposes two products of the Italian brand Hanna: a refractometer and a pH meter

AGROSTA sells two products of the Italian brand Hanna: the refractometer HI-98601 and the HI-991003 pH meter

HI-98601 refractometer
The HI-98601 is used across the food industry for measuring the concentrations of general purpose sugars in foods. Quick and easy to use it is ideal for analysing the sugar content in a wide range of food products including fruit, energy drinks, puddings, tofu, jams, honey, soups and sauces.

Priced inexpensively does not mean a compromise on accuracy, the Hanna refractometer offers all the benefits of high precision digital technology at the same price as a mechanical model.

The HI-96801 measures the refractive index to determine the % Brix of sugar in aqueous solutions.

HI-991003 pH-meter
It is a lightweight, durable, portable, pH/ORP and temperature meter for pH and ORP. It is perfect for using in the food sector, like fruit juice pH measurement (Fruit acidity tester). It measures from -2 till 16.00.

The pH-meter is supplied with the HI-12973 rugged probe protected with a titanium body specially designed for use on this meter. Comes with cleaning solution, pH7.01 buffer solution and pH4.01 buffer solution

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