A complete and versatile net packaging line for the fresh produce industry

Giró has one of the best portfolios in the market for weighing, net packaging, check weighing, and box filling. And with GirControl, you can monitor your production line in real-time

Over the last decades, GIRÓ has reaffirmed itself as the leader in net packaging solutions within the fruit and vegetable sector, providing complete lines from fruit selection to automated packing. Giró packaging options offer great versatility of net bag formats, as well as the possibility of packaging a wide range of fruits and vegetables, such as mandarins, lemons, limes, oranges, avocados, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, and more.

To meet the needs of the packer, Giró offers a complete packaging line that includes various types of machinery such as inspection tables, feeding accumulators, weighers, counters, automated net bagging machines, clippers, checkweighers, and box fillers. These elements are coordinated by a conveyor control system that guarantees a regular flow of bags while maintaining high productivity levels.

In addition, the GirControl Plus system fully monitors the machines on the packaging line, providing the main productivity indexes, which can be accessed from the plant itself or on the platform via the Internet; all in real-time. Complete service and production reports are also automatically generated.

In recent years, Giró has opened the door to a high throughput product range under the Speed Line umbrella. This product family allows packaging lines with productivities that can reach up to 80-100 bpm (bags per minute), depending on the machinery, format, and bag weight. Under this range are the Exact-100 dynamic weigher, the company’s flagship GirBagger-S, and the CA-9S and CA-10 clippers. This year (2022), the Vitesse-14 Speed Lineweigher and the CHW-S40 and CHW-C40 Speed Line checkweighers will also be consolidated under this product line.

With these new additions to the range, Giró completes its portfolio of high-speed products offering its customers the possibility of installing high-productivity lines that include all the necessary machinery for maximum productivity in the packaging line. The different machinery offered by Giró is divided into three main groups according to their function in the packaging line:

EXACT-100 Dynamic Weigher (up to 100 bpm). Maximum precision for working with citrus and capable of working with two modes: target weighing or target piece counting (average weight per bucket and photocell reading). For greater versatility, it can also work with 2 target weights simultaneously, widening the horizon of possibilities for the packer. Easy to access and maintain, it features an individual bucket extraction system. It also has a “Self-Adjusting System (SAS)” according to the type of fruit and its size, for optimum performance.

VITESSE-14 Static Weigher (up to 80 bpm). The Vitesse-14 weigher is characterized by its speed and versatility in terms of the wide variety of fruits and vegetables it can work with, guaranteeing high productivity and reaching up to 80 ppm depending on the target weight and fruit. Also noteworthy is its excellent product handling and optimal accuracy thanks to its optimized software. This weigher is designed to feed 2 packing machines simultaneously, either Gir-Bagger-S (36 bpm per machine) or CA-9S/CA-10 (40 bpm per machine) through an output system of 4 bidirectional belts. It is even possible to feed up to 4 baggers simultaneously.

GirBagger welding machine (up to 36 bpm each). For formats between 250gr (0.5 lb) and 5 kg (11 lbs), it is the preeminent packaging machine in the market, due to its versatility, speed, and performance. Capable of making 11 different bag styles, it is suitable to work with multiple fruits and vegetables of different nature and caliber. Easy to operate thanks to its 10” color touch screen.

Clipper machine CA-9S (up to 40 bpm). For formats between 500gr (1 lb) and 4 kg (8.8 lbs); the clipper produces Wineglassand Clip2Clip packaging formats, with the possibility of adding a Bolduc tape. The labeling options are printing on thermal paper (only for Wineglass) or direct thermal transfer printing (both for Wine-glass and Clip2Clip labels).

Clipper machine CA-10 (up to 40 bpm), like the CA-9S clipper, can make Wineglass and Clip2Clip packages. It also has an automatic tube changeover system, adding automatic net loading on the same tubes. It can also work with Wine-glass and Clip2Clip formats. The labeling options are printing on thermal paper (only for Wineglass labels) or direct thermal transfer printing (both for Wineglass and Clip2Clip labels).

End of line – Checkweighing and boxing
CHW-C40 (up to 40 bpm). To guarantee the weight of the packages made is accurate, Giró offers the possibility to check the weight per bag with the checkweighers. The CHW-C40 checkweigher can be coupled to the bagger so that it can be controlled directly from the touch screen of the bagger. In addition, it incorporates a reject system that separates bags that do not meet the weight criteria set on the control screen.

CHW-S40 (up to 40 bpm). The CHW-S40 checkweighers work exactly like the CHW-C40, but instead of being coupled with the bagger in a stand-alone configuration, they are controlled through their own touch screen.

CHW-S80 (up to 80 bpm). The prototype planned for 2022, will be able to check the weight of the bags coming from 2-speed line baggers (up to 80 checks per minute).

GBF-100 bag placer (up to 80 bpm). With the option of incorporating an empty case destacker to feed the case packer and a case reject system to ensure that each case carries the required number of bags. Giró also offers a traffic system that controls the machinery and ensures regular fruit flow and bag output to maintain optimum productivity levels. The above elements are monitored in real-time by the GirControl Plus system for greater control of the entire packaging line.

By optimizing packaging lines according to customer needs, Giró offers value-added solutions for packers that ensure the right return on investment and quality results.

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